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Our licensed professionals, each with more than fifteen years of experience in due diligence, preform your Physical or Property Conditions Assessments. Each BA professional will personally do your assessment, write your report, and be available to you for consultation.

Don’t get shuffled off to an Account Manager, or an office based report writer.

Property Condition Assessment and Report

RE industry people use the terms PCA, Property Condition Assessment, PCR, Property Condition Report, Engineering Report, or Physical Conditions Report to identify these services.  And they are all correct. Each term is just a name for a form or format of the now broadly accepted real estate industry standard – the ASTM Standard E 2018- Property Condition Assessment.

The purpose of the Property Condition Assessment and Report is to identify deficiencies and report on the physical conditions of a subject property, as prescribed in the ASTM Standard E 2018.  Think of the Assessment as data gathering and the Report as data delivery.

The PCA is a process by which Building Analytics’ professionally licensed staff identifies deficiencies of a property and develops an opinion of the property’s current physical condition and any material, physical deficiencies.   At the option of the client, a Building Analytics PCA may include a higher level or a lower level of inquiry and due diligence than the baseline ASTM scope.  The client’s requirements for each subject property are beginning point in a Building Analytics assessment.

A Documentation Review, Interviews, and a Walk-Through Survey are the components of the information gathering to create the PCA and PCR.  The objective of the documents review and interviews, if the right documents and personnel are readily available, is to augment our professional staff’s observations during the Walk-Through Survey.  Documents and Interviews assist our understanding of the subject property and in identifying of its possible physical deficiencies.  The Walk-Through Survey is the real heart and soul of the information gathering and assessment of any property or project.  At Building Analytics only the most experienced and professionally licensed staff does your Walk-through Survey and writes your Property Condition Report.