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BA Environmental has years of experience in the assessment of buildings for asbestos-containing materials.  Whether it be a limited asbestos survey to screen for a transaction, or a comprehensive survey for demolition or renovation purposes, BA Environmental’s experienced staff can help you on your next project.  BA Environmental uses Certified Asbestos Consultants to conduct and/or oversee all of our projects.  BA Environmental’s staff will aid you in making the right choice for your project, so as to minimize the risk of your employees or tenants for asbestos exposure.  Our staff can also help you secure licensed abatement contractors and oversee abatement projects.  If abatement is not necessary, BA Environmental can prepare an Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Program to aid you in managing asbestos within your building, and minimizing your risk for public exposure.  Please contact us to see how we can assist you with your asbestos issues.

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