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Today, lead has become a major concern for owners and property managers, especially if children are involved.  Generally, lead-based paint in good condition is not a significant hazard.  However, peeling, chipping, chalking or cracking lead-based paint can represent a hazard and a risk to human health.  BA Environmental can help building owners and managers determine if lead-based paint is present in their buildings and whether it is a hazard.  BA Environmental’s certified environmental scientists utilize state of the art techniques in assessing your lead risk.  BA Environmental can conduct both lead-based paint and lead in drinking water surveys to assess you building for the potential for lead.  If lead-based paint is found within your building, and is in good condition, BA Environmental can prepare a Lead Operations and Maintenance Program to help you minimize the risk of human exposure within your building. 

If the lead-based paint is found to be in poor condition, or if lead is detected in your drinking water, BA Environmental can help you secure a licensed lead abatement contractor to remove the damaged lead-containing materials.  If the abated areas are planned to be reoccupied, BA Environmental can also conduct clearance sampling. 

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