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The acquisition and refinancing process is complicated, with the potential for various short-term and long-term environmental liabilities.  BA Environmental’s experienced staff performs quality Phase I Environmental Site Assessments intended to help our clients make an informed decision regarding their next transaction.  Whether it is to prevent our client’s from making a bad deal or to help them negotiate a better contract, BA Environmental strives to reduce our client’s environmental liability.  Whether it is a single building or a portfolio, a small building or large complex, our experience staff will help to expedite our client’s business needs.  BA Environmental’s staff of geologists and environmental scientists provides nationwide expedient service.  BA Environmental performs all Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with ASTM Standards E-1527 as well as the All Appropriate Inquiry (40 CFR Part 312) For more information regarding what BA Environmental can do for you and your next transaction, please contact our offices.

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